A New Generation of Healthcare Leaders Strive to Produce Much-Needed Results

If there were ever an industry in need of transformation, it might just be American healthcare. With costs still rising at unsustainable rates, many despair of affordable care ever again being a reality. Whatever gains in terms of compensation American employees have made in recent years have largely been swallowed up by increasing insurance premiums, whether paid by employers or by workers themselves. With many companies now seeing their own support of employee healthcare as a burden to be gotten rid of, questions are arising as to just what can be done. As can be seen in the LinkedIn profile of one newcomer to the field, though, there are plenty of reasons to hold out hope.

With a background in industry and advertising, the owner of the profile at www.linkedin.com/in/jimtsokanos has a history of embracing change. While some high-performing business leaders prefer to take on long-term responsibilities with time horizons of years, others thrive under conditions of different sorts. Having already made a splash with a dynamic, hard-charging style at a number of different companies around the world, this accomplished executive decided that healthcare made for a natural next destination.

Since then, the newly minted healthcare President has been making a real impression. With over a thousand employees to manage and guide, along with more than a hundred physicians, change is not the sort of thing that can ever be taken lightly. At the same time, the need for improvement and evolution has never been clearer, so ways of achieving both are eagerly sought after, as well.

While those goals alone are shared by many, the kinds of results that have followed have been of far less usual sorts. With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Studies bestowing a five-star rating after only a year of hard work, prospects had clearly improved soon after these new hands took the helm. At the same time, patient experience awards handed out by Consumer Reports and others proved that the improvements were not only of high-level statistical sorts. With progress therefore being made here at every conceivable level, it seems certain that, however difficult things might look, there is plenty of reason to suppose that the nation’s healthcare challenges can be overcome.